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Scars of Gold is Sharon Stoliar’s heart-wrenching birth story, documenting a life-changing diagnosis and transition to motherhood filled with immeasurable pain and grief, and her transformation from birth trauma victim to an activist for change.


Stoliar's debut novel aims to raise awareness of the prevalence of birth trauma and highlight the ongoing impact of birth trauma on women's lives. The release of Stoliar's book is timely, as birth trauma and obstetric violence are becoming increasingly prevalent in the news around the world.


This honest and emotional memoir of courage, determination, and resilience serves as an inspiration to help others find their voice, and has the potential to catalyse change in the way maternity care is provided to women.


Sharon received her Bachelor of Nursing (2006) and Graduate Diploma in Midwifery (2008) from UTS. She later obtained a Master of Public Health (2013) and Master of International Public Health (2013) from UNSW and has worked in several maternity units and Public Health Units across Sydney. Sharon is currently enrolled in a PhD at Western Sydney University researching the personal pregnancy and birthing experiences of women who are midwives. In addition to publishing academic papers, Sharon has also been featured on several high-profile podcasts, and her story has been featured on mainstream media outlets. She has given a live interview on The Today Show (Australia) and is a passionate advocate for bringing an end to birth trauma and systemic racism in maternity care.



Awards for Scars of Gold

-Literary Titan Gold Book Award (March 2023)

-Readers' Favourite Book Award Winner (2023)

-Readers' Favourite Five Stars Award (2023)

Scars of Gold

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