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Scars of Gold

A midwife's personal experience of birth trauma & recovery

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"When I was wearing my work uniform and work badge, what I said mattered. My words carried weight and I had the power to make things happen. But the moment I was the birthing woman in a hospital bed, wearing a patient gown instead of my work uniform—suddenly I was simply a bed number and nothing I said mattered or carried any weight." 

Despite being a midwife and equipped with insider knowledge of the maternity care system in which she worked, Sharon still felt vulnerable and disempowered during her own experience of giving birth to her son.



"My dear friends and colleagues in maternity care, when we as maternity care workers don’t listen, we strip a woman of her power and identity. When we don’t take her seriously, there is a cost."


Scars of Gold tells the story of Sharon’s personal experience of birth trauma, the drastic impact it had on her life, and how she used her voice to fight for change.

This honest and emotional memoir of courage, determination, and resilience serves as an inspiration to help others find their voice, but most of all, is a call to action for maternity care providers to rethink their approach to maternity care.


It’s time for a revolution.


It is time to listen to women.

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About me

Sharon is a Mumma to Jeremy, Step-Mumma to Zoe and Dylan, and wife to Ronen. 

Scars of Gold is her first book which details her traumatic birth experience and the long-term impact it has had on her life.

Sharon’s birth experience was the catalyst for undertaking a PhD researching the personal childbearing experiences of women who are midwives.


Sharon received her Bachelor of Nursing (2006) and Graduate Diploma in Midwifery (2008) from UTS. She later obtained a Master of Public Health (2013) and Mater of International Public Health (2013) from UNSW.

She is passionate about all things maternal health and is slowly working on a passion project focused on raising awareness of birth trauma.


Sharon lives in Sydney, Australia with her family.


From victim to survivor to warrior of change


Each trauma shared out loud is one less trauma suffered in silence.

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Scars of Gold (4).png

Scars of Gold


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